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Hola Launcher- Best Custom Launchers for Android

Hola Launcher isn’t just about adding functionality to your Android, it’s also about customizing and personalizing, about making your device more beautiful, more stylish, more distinctly yours. Download and apply a large, growing selection of high definition wallpapers and high quality themes, including professionally designed 3D themes utilizing our own Hola 3D Engine.
The free Hola Launcher major claim to fame is that it is light: not light on features, but light on your hardware. The installation itself should take up only around 1MB of your phone’s space and, so Hola  claims, will use significantly less system overhead than other Custom Launchers. There’s also a speed-boosting feature. It’s almost impossible to test that, but suffice to say that in our experience Hola doesn’t slow down an Android, so it is at least worth trying if you have a hankering for a launcher, but a low-spec phone. What is easy to verify is that Hola Launcher asks for relatively little in the way of privacy permissions, and that it offers a good range of customisation features.
Hola Launcher
Hola Launcher
– Get 10,000 elegant, high-definition icons to set your device apart from the rest.
– An all-new Clock and Weather widget not only whimsically displays a week’s worth of weather information lets you add multiple cities so you can keep track of the weather around the world.
– Swipe to the far left and browse the latest high-quality news and content in Holazine.
– Swipe down and search both the internet and your installed apps with an upgraded, faster, and more convenient Search.
– Have Hola  automatically delight you with a new, free, and gorgeous wallpaper each day so every day is different from the one before.
Features Hola Launcher:
– Hola Shine – A simple swipe from a bottom corner opens a smart menu of your frequently used apps and settings.
– Hola Boost – Free up memory (RAM) and further speed up your phone with a single tap!
– Hola Box – Protect your privacy by swiping up with two fingers to hide apps you don’t want displayed on your desktop.
– Search – Swipe down on your screen to quickly find apps, contacts, or websites. You can also use voice search!
– Personalize – Download, install, and enjoy free high-quality themes, wallpapers, and fonts. Updated every Friday!
– Intercept – Keep your desktop clean and clutter-free by manually approving any shortcuts added to your desktop!
– Notifications – Never miss an important message again from your friends and family with home screen icon notifications.
– Screen Lock – Double-tap your desktop to lock your phone’s screen, freeing up and extending your power button’s life.
– Weather Forecast – Conveniently see weather forecast information for the next 6 days.
– Priority Apps – Place the apps you use most on your default home screen, so they launch faster.
– Smart Folders – Keep your apps organized with specific folders for Games, Themes, Tools, Lifestyle, Social media, etc.
…and much more! Download Hola Launcher and see what other features and delights you can find!
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